John Legend pummels GOP administrator Thomas Massie for deriding John Kerry’s political theory degree

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Vocalist John Legend said something regarding Twitter after Rep. Thomas Massie, R-KY., multiplied down on his affirmation that previous Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing “pseudoscience.”

Massie got into an odd trade with Kerry this week amid a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing to discuss environmental change. Massie hit Kerry for scrutinizing the qualifications of President Trump’s counsels by ridiculing his political theory degree from Yale.

Massie multiplied down on his analysis in a tweet Thursday.

“When I inquired as to whether he had a science certificate, he addressed ‘no’ yet neglected to turn his mouthpiece on. The left has been utilizing his flub to hide what this trade demonstrated which is Kerry conceded he doesn’t have a science qualification, despite the fact that his certificate says ‘science.'”

“Brother. It would be ideal if you disclose to me you’re not this moronic, all things considered. If you don’t mind disclose to me you’re clowning,” Legend tweeted accordingly.

He included: “Next our incredible congressman will flame broil the secondary school Home Economics instructor on the Fed’s money related arrangement. ‘You declare to be a specialist on Economics, do you???!!!!'”

Amid the consultation, Kerry terminated back at Massie after he suggested that his political theory degree makes him inadequate to discuss environmental change.

“Is it a political theory degree?” Massie, who has two science degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, inquired.

“Truly, it’s political theory,” the previous Massachusetts congressperson said.

“Along these lines, how would you get a four year certification in liberal arts in science?” the congressman inquired.

“Well it’s aesthetic sciences instruction and – it’s a single man,” Kerry said.

“Along these lines, it’s not by any stretch of the imagination science. I believe it’s to some degree proper that someone with a pseudoscience certificate is here pushing pseudoscience before our board,” Massie said before Kerry terminated back.

“Is it true that you are not kidding? I mean this is truly occurring here?” the previous secretary of state inquired.

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