John Kerry conflicts with Rep. Thomas Massie on his higher education, environmental change: ‘Would you say you are not kidding?’

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Previous Secretary of State John Kerry and Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., had a warmed trade Tuesday over Kerry’s training and environmental change.

Kerry, 75, showed up before the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing to discuss environmental change. The mind boggling trade started when Massie read a statement Kerry said with respect to President Trump’s counselors.

“It sounds like you’re scrutinizing the qualifications of the president’s counselors, however I don’t figure we should scrutinize your accreditations today. Isn’t it genuine you have a science certificate from Yale?” Massie asked Kerry.

Kerry answered that he had a four year education in liberal arts degree from the college.

“Is it a political theory degree?” Massie, who has two science degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, inquired.

“Truly, it’s political theory,” the previous Massachusetts congressperson said.

“In this way, how would you get a four year certification in liberal arts in science?” the congressman inquired.

“Well it’s aesthetic sciences training and – it’s an unhitched male,” Kerry said.

“Along these lines, it’s not so much science. I believe it’s fairly fitting that someone with a pseudoscience certificate is here pushing pseudoscience before our board of trustees,” Massie said before Kerry terminated back.

“Is it true that you are not kidding? I mean this is truly occurring here?” the previous secretary of state inquired.

The two men proceeded their forward and backward before Massie inquired as to whether he was stating the president “doesn’t have taught grown-ups there now.”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea who he has there in light of the fact that it’s mystery,” he answered. “For what reason would he must have a mystery investigation of environmental change?”

The two at that point started to examine carbon dioxide levels on the planet today versus a huge number of years prior.

“Be that as it may, there weren’t people; that was an alternate world, people,” Kerry said.

“So — how’d it get to 2,000 sections for every million in the event that we people weren’t here? … Did topography stop when we jumped on the planet?” Massie inquired.

“This is simply not a genuine discussion,” Kerry terminated back.

Kerry tweeted about the trade Wednesday.

“It’s as though somebody stated, ‘Congress has wound up in a sorry situation’ and Massie answers with ‘hold my lager,'” he composed.

Massie answered to Kerry’s tweet saying, “It’s as though somebody stated, ‘Nobody has less learning of science, a higher assessment of himself, and a greater carbon impression than Al Gore’ and Kerry answers ‘hold my champagne, I will affirm as an environmental change master.”

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