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How to Avoid Split Ends while not Trimming

Split hair

How to Avoid Split Ends while not Trimming

Split hair
Split hair

Most women once Janus-faced with split ends reach for a try of scissors. Trimming isn’t the solution to separate ends. In most cases you’ll instead find yourself with rough edges and additional split ends. whereas daily wear and tear can cause some hair to be broken, split ends will become a revenant downside. perceive the character of your split ends and appearance for a permanent answer.


Split ends might result from lack of correct nutrition. A healthy body forever suggests that healthy hair. If you’re not obtaining enough macromolecule and vitamins your hair might flip brittle.


Split hair
Split hair

Prolonged use of hair irons, hair curler rods, crimpers, blow-dryers and even exposure to sun throughout summer will cause irreparable harm to your hair. Avoid split ends by sporting a cotton scarf outdoors and reducing reliance on grooming tools that need heat.

Dry Scalp

Split hair
Split hair

A dry scalp are often a significant reason behind split ends. Nourish your scalp with heat oil treatments. A trichologist might advise you to require supplements of vitamins A and D found aplenty in oil. Do but obtain the doctor’s recommendation just in case of excessive status and split ends.


Harsh hairdressing, back hairdressing and brushing damp hair will result in split ends. you’ll be able to cut back your probabilities of obtaining split ends greatly by 1st drying your hair gently with a soft towel. forever comb with a detangling humour and a large toothed comb. conjointly avoid artificial pillow-covers. Soft fabric and cotton ar the most effective choices. conjointly avoid hairstyles that need excessive manipulation and tugging. Scrunchies ar safer than rubber bands for they’re softer.


Alcohol primarily based merchandise ar your nemesis within the fight against split ends. seek for shampoos and conditioners that don’t have alcohol. you may conjointly wish to avoid shampooing daily or use baby merchandise as they’re the mildest and best for frequent use. If grooming may be a concern elect safer choices like natural wax and glycerol primarily based serums. Steer away from harsh counterparts like gels and sprays. If you swim in Cl adscititious pool water wear a protecting cap. conjointly avoid dyes and colors particularly those with ammonia.

Hard Water

Do check the salt content in your facility. generally the reason behind our downside is therefore omnipresent it ironically escapes our notice. H2O are often a significant wrongdoer in inflicting split ends. If daily use is inevitable raise your trichologist for protecting merchandise you’ll be able to use.

Heal as you forestall

While you tend to the causes to forestall additional harm, heal your hair by exploitation natural conditioners like eggs; varied oils like carrot, almond and coconut; ancient Indian herbs like amla and shikakai.

Remove the split ends with a banana

Our hair goes through loads. so as to create them look smart, we have a tendency to torment our hair. Excessive laundry, acquisition, strips our hair of the natural shine and sweetness. one among the foremost the foremost common and annoying hair downside has split ends. Split ends mean the standard and health of hair ought to be taken into consideration. Also, removing split ends or solidification split ends is not straightforward as they appear.

Banana recipes for hair

you’ll want one banana, egg, vegetable oil and honey for deep acquisition.
Take one egg and one ripe banana
Mash the 2 along and build a paste out of it
Now, add one tablespoon of pure vegetable oil within the paste
Now, add three tablespoons of pure honey
combine all of them well to induce a fine paste
Apply this paste on your hair and particularly scalp.
Let it sit for around half-hour.
Now, wash with cold water and a light shampoo.
Repeat once per week

Now, for deep acquisition for split ends

Yogurt, Banana, juice and perfume to create a hair mask
Mash one ripe banana
Add perfume and juice into it
Add enough yoghourt to create sleek paste
Now, you have got to create a fine paste to create a hair mask, therefore add yoghourt consequently.
combine them well.
Apply the mask on your hair
Let it sit for associate hour
Wash it with a light shampoo
Repeat once per week

The recipes mentioned higher than will provide you with sleek and glossy hair. you only have to be compelled to mash the banana properly and mix it well with alternative ingredients. make certain that you simply wash out the banana hair masks properly from your hair and it’s not sticky any longer.

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