Golden Heard Details ‘Terrible’ Abuse By ‘Beast’ Johnny Depp In Response To Lawsuit

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The on-screen character asserts her then-accomplice assaulted her over an adoration scene with James Franco, went on an injurious euphoria drinking spree and head-butted her.

Performing artist Amber Heard has presented a realistic new court recording that subtleties frightening claims of maltreatment she says she suffered amid her relationship to performer Johnny Depp.

The Associated Press reports that on Thursday, the 32-year-old “Aquaman” on-screen character asked a Virginia judge to reject a $50 million criticism claim her 55-year-old ex documented over a commentary she expounded on aggressive behavior at home for The Washington Post in December 2018.

In the movement recorded in the Circuit Court of Fairfax, Virginia, Heard broadly expounds on in excess of twelve asserted episodes previously and amid their rough one-year marriage in which she guarantees the performing artist was high on medications or liquor, turned into “the Monster” and punched, slapped, kicked, spat on and gagged her. There are additionally insights concerning Depp supposedly head-butting Heard and pulling her hair so hard that lumps of her scalp turned out.

Depp has denied the maltreatment, and the charges have showed up in the couple’s separation and other court archives. HuffPost has connected with Depp’s marketing specialist for input.

In the court papers acquired by the New York Post’s Page Six, Heard cases that Depp’s substance misuse issues would trigger an identity they both alluded to as “the Monster,” like on a morning in May 2014 in which the couple, who were dating at the time, traveled from Boston to Los Angeles on a personal jet:

On the flight, Johnny requested the airline stewards to give him an oxygen tank, and drank intensely. Johnny’s handlers disclosed to me that he was disturbed that I was taping a film with a sentimental scene with James Franco the day preceding. Before long, Johnny started to toss objects at me. Rather than responding to his conduct, I basically moved seats. That didn’t stop him. He provocatively pushed a seat at me as I strolled by, hollered at me, and provoked me by shouting out the name “James Franco.”

Heard states that at one point amid the flight, she stood up and Depp kicked her in the back. She says she tumbled to the floor, Depp tossed a boot at her and kept on offending her until he went to the washroom and go out inside.

Heard additionally expounded on an episode she said happened a month after their February 2015 marriage, in which Depp, who should be spotless, went on a restless, three-day euphoria drinking spree in Australia:

Johnny disclosed to me that I had not unequivocally prohibited him from taking euphoria. The contention warmed up, and Johnny pushed me, slapped me, and pushed me to the ground before I withdrew to a bolted room.

Heard at that point broadly expounds on the maltreatment she said she suffered amid those three days, charging she was hit, pushed and stifled various more occasions. Amid their battles, Heard said Depp “pushed me into a ping pong table that fallen underneath me,” tossed jugs of liquor at her and through the window, breaking boards, and at one point pulled off her robe. “I was exposed and shoeless, shrouded in liquor and glass,” Heard states.

She proceeded:

In a standout amongst the most horrendous and scariest snapshots of this three-day difficulty, Johnny got me by the neck and collarbone and pummeled me against the ledge. I attempted to stand up as he choked me, yet my arms and feet continued slipping and sliding on to the spilled liquor and were hauled against the broken glass on the ledge and floor, which over and over cut my feet and arms. Terrified for my life, I told Johnny, “You are harming me and cutting me.” Johnny disregarded me, proceeding to hit me with the back of one shut hand, and pummeling a hard plastic telephone against a divider with his other until it was crushed into bits. While he was crushing the telephone, Johnny seriously harmed his finger, removing its tip.

Heard states that the following morning she woke up to find that Depp had peed everywhere throughout the house and left messages for Heard in oil paint and his blood from his injured finger. Heard said Depp was later hospitalized and she was left with “a busted lip, a swollen nose, and cuts all over my body. … Right up ’til the present time, despite everything I have scars on my arms and feet from this episode.”

Heard subtleties other claimed occurrences, for example, a period in March 2015 when she says she punched Depp so as to keep him from assaulting her sister, and a 2015 trek to Thailand in which Depp purportedly punched and gagged her on a train.

“I was worried about the possibility that that Johnny probably won’t realize when to stop, and that he may slaughter me,” she said of their battle in Thailand.

Heard additionally said that in December 2015 things gained out of power when Depp “pulled substantial lumps of hair and scalp out of my head” and head-butted her, making her nose drain.

Since their exceptionally announced 2016 separation, in which Heard likewise asserted Depp had physically manhandled her, Heard has turned into a blunt promoter for overcomers of household misuse. Depp, in any case, has more than once prevented her charges from claiming misuse.

In her 2018 opinion piece in the Post, Heard did not name Depp, however Depp sued at any rate. In his claim, Depp says it’s unmistakable Heard is discussing him and that he’s endured money related misfortunes because of her charges, such as being dropped from his job as Captain Jack Sparrow in the “Privateers of the Caribbean” films. Depp’s legal counselors call Heard’s cases “a detailed fabrication to create positive exposure for Ms. Heard and advance her vocation” in his claim, per Page Six.

Heard cases Depp regularly overlooked “his capricious and brutal lead after he left his alcoholic or sedated states.”

Heard’s lawyer, Eric George, chastised Depp in an announcement Friday, per the AP.

“Johnny Depp physically and verbally manhandled Amber Heard,” George said. “Since their separation, Mr. Depp has proceeded to openly bother Ms. Heard, and endeavored to gaslight the world by denying his maltreatment. It is long past time for Mr. Depp’s abominable lead to end.”

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